Why You Shouldn’t Delete Browsing History

No doubt you’ve been told by countless people that you need to delete your browsing history. They come up with lots of great reasons why you should do it, but barely anyone ever talks about why you shouldn’t. Why should you keep your browsing history and search history? Well, there are several reasons. Let’s take a look at them.

Faster Browsing

Cookies and cache data are designed to speed up your browsing experience. Your browser stores a snapshot of a website so that it can load it faster in the future. Websites are data stored on a server. By keeping a portion of that data, your browser has to open less once you access the site. While it is true that your cache can become bloated and slow down your browser; that takes a while. Don’t delete your history every day thinking that it will always speed up your browser.

Better Search Results

Have you ever wondered how Google seems to know what you’re searching for, sometimes better than you? Stored search history is the reason. In a way, Google learns about you and what you want and so it can provide you with better results. Have you ever tried using a different search engine and got unrelated results that you didn’t want? That’s because these search engines don’t know what you want. At least not yet. Clearing out your search history and browsing history will get rid of all that and put you back at square one.

It Might Not Protect Your Privacy

One of the main reasons that people delete their browsing history – and advocate for others to do the same – is that they say it boosts privacy. The reality is that it doesn’t protect your privacy as much as you might think. It would be like moving a folder of confidential information from a filing cabinet to a desk. The data is harder to access, but it can still be accessed. Protecting your privacy takes a few more steps than just deleting your history. It can still be accessed by malicious third-parties with enough intent.

What if you Forget Something?

People are not infallible. We are bound to forget things. What if you found a great website and then forgot what it was called? If you deleted your search and browsing history, you’re going to have a lot of trouble finding it again. What about passwords? Can you honestly remember all of your passwords for all of your services? Your computer stores all this information for you because it knows you have better things to store in your brain. Having your history there can help you out in a pinch when you need to remember a particular website or piece of information.


There are several reasons to delete your browsing history, but there are several reasons to keep it too. Don’t delete browsing history without first thinking about what you’re really losing and why you want to get rid of it.

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